Cultural concepts

First, people-oriented, cultural plastic soul, strong quality, outside image;
Second, seek employment not nitpicking, employing appropriate respect should not be idle, people in love not money;
Third, German is good, virtue is free inferior, not without virtue is a waste, without virtue is drugs;
Four, as long as there is, there will be a status;
Five, emphasis on people-oriented corporate culture, get business done "learning organizations", strive to improve the quality of people, with special emphasis on Science and technology talent, so that their talent;
Six, the wealth to get people scattered, people gather;
Seven, for personnel to be able to be out, promoted or demoted;
Eight feelings keep people, keep people treatment, cultural keep people, keep people cause;
Nine, talent is the first resource, the first productivity, people come, stay, work;
Ten, as long as there are, there will be a stage.