Hardwood furniture climbing Redwood High switch

Mahogany furniture is usually expensive, involving specialized knowledge and eyesight often leads to purchase is not allowed, materials processes and disputes when consumers are often in a weak position. Market situation of cohabitation, continuingly mahogany furniture, will soon introduce a new standard in mahogany lover's view, is a purchased protection.
"I heard was scheduled for August 1 a new mahogany furniture of the mahogany furniture general specifications GB may be delayed or suspended, the news is true or false? "Hau mahogany furniture lovers to this question last week. He said, you know, forthcoming mahogany new standard range of mahogany furniture, terms and definitions, requirements, quality express and test method of 10 items, there are more accurate and rigorous definition.
Think "buy protection" vain
Consumers are more cautious shots
"Water too deep mahogany furniture, has a new national standard had to settle down a bit." Hau last year were a set of mahogany furniture, in order to safeguard their consumer rights, had intended to buy after the implementation of the new standard, but recently heard outgoing mahogany furniture circles "new or used" message. Hao hoping to ascertain the authenticity of this message, and then decide when to buy the right products.
With Hao's questions, the newspaper also inquired about the number of mahogany furniture brands. Among them, the vision code, Union of mahogany and Lian Tianhong, head of the mahogany furniture shopping guide and related answers for: unclear and uncertain. Yuan Hengli classical hardwood furniture, General Manager Yang Bo told me that new standard is likely to encounter resistance, but for reasons unknown.
Did not receive of the mahogany furniture general specifications of the
Delay issued notice
It is learnt that the mahogany furniture general specifications are in line with consumer demand and market development and the introduction of the new standard was introduced in 2000 GB of the People's Republic of China National Standard (Redwood) improvements and upgrades. If the delay or suspension will not only have implications for the interests of consumers buy mahogany furniture, may also hinder the progress of mahogany.
To this end, the guangsha times confirm with the China National furniture Association, traditional Professional Committee of China furniture Association Secretary-General Jiang Hengfu verified told me that until now they have not yet received a new mahogany delay or suspension notice, which will be implemented as planned on August 1 this year.

"Expanding the scope of Redwood trees" saying no
After Yuan Hengli, head of mahogany furniture brands such as Lian Tianhong has said that new standards will expand the scope of mahogany furniture, trees, rare trees disappear and furniture manufacturers have been resolved "Although" question, standard lead authors, mahogany furniture and development research and Development Center in Zhongshan city chief engineer Cao Xinmin once published in the media, "promote the development and use of new mahogany wood" comment.
In accordance with the above, more species will be called mahogany furniture. You can imagine, mahogany furniture brand will gain greater market space. But Redwood fans feel more confused, this will change the location of precious mahogany furniture in their hearts, mahogany furniture, more chaotic markets, and would like to obtain a clear answer, so rest assured purchase.
This way, traditional Professional Committee of China furniture Association Secretary-General Jiang Hengfu team with experts from developing new national standards after the newspaper asked several times, clear explanation is given: General specification of the mahogany furniture is furniture standards at home and abroad in the first Chinese traditional hardwood furniture standards. This standard does not purport to species using the technology defined the scope, therefore, there is no expansion of timber tree species range said.
GB provisions of the rosewood mahogany's "five eight types of"
2000 by national quality technology supervision Council released has mahogany national standards (GB/T 18107-2000), determine mahogany of 33 a species, membership Yu rosewood is, and Dalbergia is, and persimmon is, and ya bean is and the iron knife wood is, return for rosewood wood, and spent pear wood, and incense branch wood, and black acid branch wood, and Red acid branch wood, and ebony, and stripes ebony and chicken wing wood eight class, that known of "five is eight class".

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