The "51" long weekend to buy furniture are then

Every year in mid-April, "51" holiday spending binge is rushing. This year, don't miss the family network's furniture. It is reported that this exhibition will introduce loss-best selling item of furniture, and furniture as low as 10 percent, seven promotions to make your furniture purchase affordable home!
11th big furniture fair will be held in the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Furniture exhibition Shang, consumers by 2012 any together home building materials orders and activities day of furniture orders, will can directly returned now 100 Yuan; while, cash value-added 10 Yuan variable 500 Yuan, users site spent 1 Yuan that can buy to value 50 Yuan of cash vouchers coupons; more has many value limited limited commodity launched, as price 238 Yuan of original points wood bedside table low to 88 Yuan, price 400 Yuan of lanbao disipi footstool low to 24 Yuan; orders total full must number can 0 Yuan swap appliances, and furniture supplies Every sign in the top 1000 users can apply message five yards get beautiful storage box. BACK PAGE