The first children's furniture standards will be officially launched in August

Children's bedroom furniture in formaldehyde standard events that cause disease are common, how to shop for quality children's furniture become a problem when parents buy the most. Reporter learned that, in order to ensure the quality of children's furniture is guaranteed, the first dedicated to the children's furniture quality testing, inspection of the General technical conditions for children's furniture will be officially launched in August.
In accordance with the General technical conditions for children's furniture show, where domestic production or sale (including imports) quality children's furniture products, and must be performed in accordance with the requirements of this standard. In addition to the sharp corners of children's furniture, prominent position, hole, gap size and stability is more specifically, but furniture is also prevalent in formaldehyde, 10 kinds of poisonous and harmful substance such as soluble heavy metals control have made strict rules, while the soft furniture dye, pH values put forward specific requirements, and require the use of safety warning symbols. In addition, in order to avoid children playing hide in furniture, too long and suffocation, standard also provides the Cabinet closed furniture must have a ventilation function. BACK PAGE