How to prevent deformation of Panel furniture

Placing furniture must be kept flat on the ground, four legs balanced on the floor. If after the furniture placement, in a State of often unstable swing swaying, a long time will make tenons or fasteners falling off, felting crack, so as to affect the results and reduced furniture life. In addition, if uneven ground soft furniture, also do not use wood or metal pad furniture legs, even though the balance, it is difficult to force uniform, forever damaged furniture interiors. Only way to compensate is to repair the ground, hard rubber or with a slightly larger area of banpu in the South, so that the furniture legs smooth.
Second, clear the dust on the furniture is best to use pure cotton knitted fabric, and then with a soft brush to clean the wool dust in the depression or relief. The painted furniture, do not use petrol or solvents to clean, colourless furniture Polish to clean, to enhance the gloss reduced radioactive fallout.
Third, placement of furniture is best not to stay out of the Sun, often Sun-faded the furniture paint film, metal accessories easy oxidation, wood prone to brittle. Summer best with curtains covering the Sun to protect furniture.
Finally, is to keep indoor humidity, don't let furniture from moisture. In spring and autumn with a humidifier should be limited to prevent humidity and damage furniture, wood decay, metal corrosion, bonded parts easy to open out. Usually furniture cleaning water as little as possible, and must avoid using alkaline water, only with a twist of net water damp cloth, then wipe with a dry cloth. BACK PAGE