Solid wood furniture competition launch details brand upgrades

The exhibition, to the enterprise, investment is just one of the ways, the real investment, more attention from the product itself. Permanent furniture Assistant General Manager Chu Ka Wai said: "dealers in selecting the products focus on the product itself, technology, quality, design, and so on. "Dealer's choice, the main consideration is the operator concept. Whether it is a single MOM, or large-scale regional dealers or only dealers with long term viability, is the corporate brand of first choice in the future.
When it comes to brand-building, though it needs a long-term process, but time isn't the brand success inevitable conditions, which requires enterprises to accumulate. "I think the brand is a detail from the dealer promised delivery cycle starts, staff liaison to provide dealers with related functions, to facilitate the distributors can save time when you need, people link directly to find the corresponding savings, to enhance the efficiency in service delivery, these are in fact an important part of our brand development. "Chu Ka Wai explains.
Beat the brand of "Marathon"
Outside, Shandong wood enterprises can be said to be a universal experience, the Shenzhen exhibition, exhibitors up to about 20 from Shandong, each House has basically the same experience, have also experienced pain in the outside.
Many businesses may have been previously done in foreign markets at home, can get back to the country are often at a loss because domestic channel marketing differences, such as differences in consumption habits, these enterprises are often a little bit paranoid but turned outside. Many companies back in addition to the quality control area there outside the grasp, but seldom involved in channel, marketing, branding and other aspects, this is many of the largest and most difficult issues facing enterprises.
Ryomoto General Manager gang said: "had do export of when, we of team most time and energy are input in production link, how control quality, how strengthened details, how save cost, is enterprise work of focus, face of market and customer relative simple; and domestic market apparently more complex, enterprise to face of is complex of market, variety of marketing mode, channel and brand of from scratch, and fierce of market competition. "Gang know for brands, reputation is the key to dealers is the key, and credit and dealers to pass the time to verify, any strong brand needs time to agonize over.
"Turn around slowly, Inamori said – business is a marathon, in stages, each stage starting, middle, Sprint is going to run good, stick to the end, the winner. "
Upgrade to "making the first move"
Brand promotion preparation, though this is a long process, brand awareness and influence need long periods of accumulation, but good basic and essential elements of the concept of policy makers is the brand success. How to improve productivity, increase level of productivity? These are all entrepreneurs should be dedicated to the problem of thinking, now all over the country in promoting industrial upgrading, the enterprise upgrade to first, it depends on the ability to "move". BACK PAGE