Noble and high quality over high open wooden doors for the benefit of the heart shine

For a long time now, composite solid wood doors home due to its excellent home quality, quality high-end luxury and families alike. Investigation report also showed that solid wood composite wood material than glass, synthetic materials in the home products has obvious advantages, consumers favor. However, due to the family-friendly solid wood composite doors tens of thousands, high prices, making it difficult to walk into general consumer family life. The open wooden doors mega concessions are truly expresses the open door and stick to the "noble and high quality over price" route determination to keep feet the majority of families in suspense. Than buy, as it will be as described in publicity signed a "large scale" offer? Really fit the economic philosophy of life?
Open doors where you come from, how strength? According to reporter investigates Zhejiang Meno (open doors) industry and trade Ltd is a leading wood consumption trend of the modern enterprise, is committed to creating a noble, elegant and comfortable living environment, was awarded the China top ten brands, Chinese wood door 30 strong, wooden door top ten excellent enterprise in China and many other honors. At present, open wooden doors with nearly 500 stores and sales network covering more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions, has developed into a domestic industry of considerable size in high-grade wood door manufacturers. Their own strong strength, natural outside people to open doors, "literally" let the campaign more confidence and look forward to.
On March 30, the sea war of 2012 to be held in Shanghai China home on a new impetus for the development forum open doors said Lv Wenguang, President, open only chosen wood industry in order to concentrate, to let it shine, heating to the extreme, can lead to good things for industry. Real brand reputation and cultural connotations, you also need to have more responsibility to the society and the industry, serve the society, benefiting the public. Believe in wishes so pure drive of open wooden doors will continue to build the science of the living environment, contribute wholeheartedly. Believe that friends are like us, can't wait to experience from April 15 to May 3 open door "than buying a more direct, more thoroughly than signing" promotions brought the "noble and high quality over price" home surprise. BACK PAGE