False inflated advertising is becoming the new furniture market issues

Shanxi Taiyuan Association has issued a warning, when consumers buy furniture to select a large reputation and good store, pick furniture brand to view the items when there is no certificate, company name and address and other information, if necessary, to contact the manufacturer for inspection, avoid buying branded goods.
Taiyuan yuanjinghui introduced Association Secretary-General, the consumers ' Association recently held a consumer experience, has found many problems. Operators lack of detailed rules for the implementation of pledges, the implementation of standards is not clear. Some operators of foreign goods can be returned within a certain period, but consumers really required when you return, but difficult, there are many standards, eventually explained to the operator.
OEM part of the furniture market exists. Individual operators to take the OEM means using other brands and the factory name, address and other information, which violates the law on product quality, not only against the interests of consumers, some unqualified goods will bring risks to the personal safety of consumers.
In addition, the Association also found that furniture market exists a lot false and exaggerated information in advertisements to attract consumers. Some furniture stores posted at the entrance of the slogan, "sent", but asked to know, is restricted to a certain day, or operators to put consumers on a variety of grounds, such as sending out, gifts not to, and so on. Such false, exaggerated advertising left a very bad impression to consumers, also on the operator's own credibility.
To this end, the Taiyuan City Consumer Association reminds consumers, should pay attention to when buying furniture: to view an operator's license and other legal documents, select the large stores, good reputation; purchase of furniture must be requested of the furniture product manual to the operators, to save all purchase receipt, for rights and the preservation of evidence. BACK PAGE