Service process

Before-sales service
To provide professional design (flat-panel stereoscopic) analog service, products borrowed. Help you plan the most cost-effective savings office layout. Sales service
By professional engineers project management Department to follow up to ensure accurate delivery and installation of furniture.
After-sales service
The restructuring and relocation of furniture: furniture fabrics, furniture renovation; antifouling treatment.
Service Center specializing in handling customer inquiries, complaints, maintenance and emergency services, as well as a goodwill visit,
Strive to resolve all customer needs.
1. If there is a supply list, General requirements for industry and special contract discrepancies for both sides confirmed that, by the company responsible for the change.
2. quality guarantee period due to product quality problems caused by damaged or deteriorated, the company will repair it free of charge, but indeed any parts replaced shall be charged at cost.
3. quality guarantee period, such as you who decorated adjustments, changes in organizational structure, relocation, this company will provide debugging, disassembly and Assembly services.
4. regularly visit service: after the conclusion of the contract, the company will establish a customer service file, product quality tracking, and regularly visit each quarter, to check for providing quality, identify problems and deal with.
5. complaints handling: product quality guarantee period any of your complaints and will respond within 2 hours and processed in a timely manner.